#Review: book on productivity: The 80/20 Principle -Richard Koch

Cover is from Goodreads.com

I love everything that has to do with productivity so I was eager to dive into this rather unusual and strange concept but I quickly realized that the author takes this one little mindset shift to the extreme up to the point that he wants to apply it to everything and everywhere. It seems to lack an understanding of a wide range of customer and (human in general) behaviours and psychology. Yes, data is good but interpretation should be the focus.

My Goodreads review: “Interesting argument on productivity from a very data driven point of view. The problem is that it suggests extreme usage of this principle. It’s way too simplified to use in a variety of situations and it’s lacking real adaptability in the online business world. This book is more suitable for offline businesses and factories with physical products. All in all it’s an interesting book on a ‘principle’ that can change how we use our time and energy but it should not be used all the time everywhere to the extreme.

The gist: a new way of looking at business data and productivity.

The problem: the application of the principle is too extreme.

Conclusion: if you’re interested in productivity theories this book can give you a new way of looking at how you spend your time and energy but the principle should be applied with care and only in certain situations.

Share your thoughts! Do you like this book? Do you use this ‘principle’?

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