Get help creating a stress-free and sustainable teaching practice!

Whether you’re a freelancer or employed by a school or institution you can benefit from coaching in order to:

get clear on your teaching/coaching goals

get more students and market your services

accurately assess your students’ levels

be more productive and manage your time

create more appealing teaching materials

convert materials to online and distance learning

use digital tools in instructions


If you’re struggling in this post-pandemic teaching landscape and don’t know how to move forward let me help you! Choose between, one-time coaching, 3 or 6 part mega coaching packages, and start leveling up your teaching practice today!

Discovery Coaching Package I.

One face-to-face session (1-1,5 hours) where we work on one problem issue.
15 EUR
3 Part Coaching Package

After the discovery session, we have two sessions (2* 1-1,5 hours) where we dive into one or two problem areas.
35 EUR
6 Part Mega Coaching Package

A 6 part MEGA package (6*1-1,5 hours)where we cover all areas you’re struggling with.
50 EUR
Choose the package below that suits your needs and schedule a session today!

Terms and conditions: There’s no automatic refund. I’m convinced that you’ll get great benefits from coaching with me. If I, for whatever reason, do not wish or I’m not able to deliver the coaching sessions then you get a refund for the number of sessions that were not given. I provide all materials at no additional cost to you. All coaching clients get 25% off on all Lehrerstfoerst digital products.

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