#News: new study on bilingualism

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A new study by New York University scientists found that our brains have an in-built sharing and combining mechanism for words which is ideal for developing bilingualism.

Read about it here: Study by NYU

4 ways to have a fun and stress-free spooky holiday this year!

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Holidays in general are fun to celebrate and Halloween with all the costumes, sweets and decorations but recent years due to the pandemic and the aftermath, many (especially teachers) aren’t feeling the festive mood. Most are tired, stressed and show signs of burnout.

There’re ways though to make the spooky holiday season less stressful and more fun and even relaxing!:

  • It’s OK to not participate in trick-or treating this year. You can organize smaller scale (scary) egghunts.
  • For decorations, focus on just a few areas like the kitchen or the bedroom. Decorate one wall and use one dominant color scheme. Use more pastel and less orange for example.
  • Instead of full body constumes for grown-ups you can wear small spooky stickers or pins.
  • For language teachers: try focusing on just one aspect of the holiday instead of the usual holiday themed lessons. You don’t need to include all the lantern-witch-skeleton-bat-etc…variety of vocabulary and exercises you do every year. If you have adult students and they’re willing then you can also talk about famous cemeteries. Talk about previous holidays and how you and your students will spend the holiday this year.

Hope these tips will help you have a more relaxing holiday!

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European Day of languages!

Happy European Day of Languages! (Sunday, September 26)

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