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The 5 types of Edubusinesses and how to market them..

Edu- or Educational Businesses are as the name suggests businesses with a special focus on education, providing tools and know-how to teachers, schools and students. In recent years with the emergence of online learning and especially since the pandemic, their contribution to education in general have been even more prevalent. The lines are blurred but […]

How to quickly edit audio for online lessons I.

One of the difficulties that teachers face in the online platform is that while it’s easier to share ideas and materials it’s harder to produce them in quality and in the time frame that is available. Most teachers are not sound designers or engineers and only consume music and audio and before online and distant […]

5 essentials every language learner should have

Even now in the age of digitalization and online learning, one should always have paper exercise books and vocabulary exercise books alongside all other online tools and platforms they learn from. Adult learners usually dismiss the usage of paper notebooks and exercise books, thinking that they’re only for kids learning in school but it’s a […]


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reviews and blog

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