The currency of the 21st century is information. Teaching has to adapt to that and focus on organizing information and on ways to acquire new knowledge quickly.

I’m Bernadett, a teacher trainer and edupreneur (educational entrepreneur). I’ve been learning and teaching languages for many years and I’m passionate about helping people learn faster and more efficiently. I’m combining my knowledge of marketing and management with my background in education to deliver tools and tips to other teachers and businesses.

My languages are: English, German, Danish, and Finnish.

Why Lehrerstfoerst? It’s a word game in German and Danish meaning teacher first and first. 🙂

I write non-fiction ebooks on education, teacher training, business, marketing, productivity and self development. Find them under the Ebooks tab.

My blog topics include but are not limited to: the future of teaching, technology, edubusinesses, marketing, online learning, linguistics, professional development, (e)books and publishing, and so on..

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Services: coaching, ebooks, workshops, voice-over, app and software development, marketing advice, sponsored content, reviews.

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Contact me at: contact (a) lehrerstfoerst.com

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