Why german is losing its appeal as a language for condacting business

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

German is rapidly losing its appeal as a language for condacting business. This change hasn’t happened overnight but it has slowly become more prevalent in recent times. With digitalization and globalization came the need for a more unified approach to business communication as well and English being the most widespread it has slowly started to overtake all other languages in management and in business in general. While German still manages to be a popular choice in Europe, in all other areas of the world its place is rapidly falls behind other more widespread languages such as Spanish.

This change has the most impact in areas such as engineering, business management and consulting. The main reasons for this change are of course digitalization (only a smaller portion of the internet and websites are in fact written in German or using German as their primary language), the widespread usage of English as a ‘mediator’ or ‘Lingua Franca’ language and the fact that more people of other countries are coming to these fields and doing business either in their own mother tongue or in English.

This change created the situation for a number of freelancers and language schools that were focusing on German as their primary language of lecture to offer more classes in other languages or to try and focus entirely on other types of language students such as expats.

Author: Lehrerstfoerst

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