Students show signs of extreme burnout after returning to schools post-covid.

Note: This is not a scholarly work where I would show you statistics, these’re just my observations and conclusions drawn from personal experience and other teachers’ and parents’ observations.

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Children and young adults show signs of extreme burnout after returning to schools post- Covid. It’s not something unexpected but the almost total lack of motivation in some cases is still astounding… Have we underestimated the long term impact of being without significant social interactions for such a long period of time? It seems kids don’t bounce back as fast as we hoped. The shrinking of vocabulary and the even stronger connection to their devices still prevail after the initial hurray of welcoming the possibility of spending time with their friends and classmates again. The most striking sign of distress however is their total lack of interest in learning in general and this is true for students who used to like attending school and learn before as well. In many cases all kids want to do is play on their phones or on the computer – before, during and after school. The stuff that was OK to play with during the pandemic cannot be easily taken away from them now.

This worrying trend doesn’t seem to be resolved anytime soon. We hoped that the psychological impacts won’t last too long but it seems educators and parents have been losing the battle against the new/old reality of this generation.

Author: Lehrerstfoerst

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